It May Be a While

… Until the next page appears. Because I’m obsessed with Pok√©mon Sun at present. But perhaps I should build up a few pages and then try to get back into a regular upload schedule in 2017. How ironic… well, not really… that DOG: 2016 may V. well not be completed by even 2018…

There will still be a DOG: 2017 project, though. A very different kind of format. Ish.

I am (hopefully) going to make many changes to the Nooni Media site next year too. And I’m aiming to be more productive with other projects… this year has definitely been an improvement on last year’s productivity, so… I’m remaining optimistic.

Sorry ‘Bout It

Looks like I never did put up a page in August, and now about to go away. Sorry ’bout it (Soul Mates reference). In September, I hope to start again with regular updates. Too many projects. And not a lot of motivation. Ergh.

Many thanks to the… 2 or 3 people reading the comic. Means a lot.

Much more to come, anyway. Site must be revamped. Much to do in the remaining third of 2016. Yeah.


Stupid Sickness

The comic that all of 3 people read… well, it will be delayed while I get over this stupid neverending cold-type sickness.

Obviously I had wanted to keep updating this every Wednesday and Saturday, but… well, we shall see what happens. Maybe I’ll try to do a few pages in a row soon… Provided this stupid thing clears up. Huuuurrrgh.